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Fun and Customized T-Shirts From Our Screen Printing Shop Based in Holly, MI

Custom T-Shirts & Apparel Holly MI | Ink Chemistry Screen Printing - shirtsAre you feeling like what you’re rocking isn’t the best descriptor of who you are?

Stop wearing plain old white t-shirts and stop buying t-shirts that are mass produced.

Why be another one of the herd? At Ink Chemistry Screen Printing, we custom create products for those who march to the beat of their own drum. Our clients come to us with their unique ideas, whether they be a visual or a verbal description, and we take it from there. The result is something truly incomparable. Your friends, colleagues and family will be green with envy! 

Do you own a business and need to create some custom apparel? We can help! Having your logo and design on work shirts gives your employees a sense of belonging and give your business a more uniformed look. Your marketing efforts will pay off when people start to remember your brand, thus giving you more business!

Custom T-Shirts & Apparel Holly MI | Ink Chemistry Screen Printing - affordable-custom-t-shirt-printingA logo is one of the first impressions of your company that consumers will have.

Our local design shop is the perfect place to hatch your design ideas to better your business. Our embroidery and printing skills are in a league of their own, and we would love to create something for your brand. We have a great deal of experience in designing and bringing ideas to life, so why not call or stop by our shop and learn more about us

We love creating custom apparel; the whole process is an adventure! Personalize your apparel and put your logo on a t-shirt; we can add just about any design. Express yourself each and every day! T-shirt design is our thing and we want to show you what we can do.

Try us on for size!

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Comfortable T-Shirts!

On top of exceptional design, we believe in exceptional comfort! We use the Bella + Canvas brand as our preferred choice for our t-shirts, which are quite possibly the best feeling shirts you will ever rock. Our shop strives to be eco-friendly, so we most definitely want our gear to be equally as environmentally-friendly. Our Bella + Canvas t-shirts are made of almost 100% cotton, free of any animal materials and harsh chemical dyes.

Let's design a shirt that will make your employees really stand out!

  • Tattoo Shops
  • Independent Small Businesses
  • Events
  • Vintage Stores
  • Expos
  • Farmers Markets
  • Bands
  • LIVE Events
  • ...MUCH MORE!

We are Michigan’s custom apparel professionals and have a vast portfolio to show for it. Our clients have loved our approach to designing their garments, logos, tents, etc., as we keep our customers involved throughout the entire process. Let us show you why we have the stellar reputation that we do! 

We want to work with you! Let’s collaborate. Call: (810) 429-9095

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